Life Without Consultants?

April 27, 2020 17:35 - Image: Austin Distel

You know, you might be able to survive without consultants for a while.

Due to COVID-19, many companies have experienced a significant drop in sales and profits. Budgets are going to be under pressure and every dollar of discretionary spend will need to be carefully considered.

Over the next 12 months, consultants may be a luxury that many companies simply can't afford.

But, as in some other areas, it may be that the operational necessities imposed by COVID-19 reveals new productivity opportunities. Like 'Do It Yourself' consulting.

Within your staff, you probably have many of the capabilities that consultants would bring (in the Fortune 100 we estimate that about 4% of staff have a consulting background), however it is difficult to systematically identify the individuals in your organisation who have the background and expertise you need. Human Capital Management systems should provide information on employee capabilities but in most large organisations the data is incomplete and often out of date.

SkillsAnalytics can help you develop a comprehensive and up to date 'skills map' that will identify your staff members who have the capabilities required.

Our world-leading technology analyses a wide range of internal and external data, including public biographical data, emails, project reports, etc, to build up a comprehensive view of each employee’s experience and expertise. Each employee's data is scored against each of 50,000 specific knowledge areas, providing a highly granular view of each employee’s areas of expertise.

This system allows you to identify employees who can act as internal advisors and to quickly assemble capable project teams to work on important business challenges.

You might even find that your employee teams are more effective than your consultants. Imagine that.

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