Automated Job Applicant Ranking Service

May 28, 2020 10:35 - Image: Joshua Golde

COMPANIES WANTED: We are looking for few companies to partner with us during the Beta testing stage of an Automated Job Applicant Ranking Service.

We have developed an AI-based system that automatically ranks the resumes of job applicants against the specified job requirements.

The system accepts a wide range of biographical and other data relating to the applicant (in electronic or paper format). The system then assesses each applicant for fit with the job requirements; each applicant is scored and a ranked shortlist of applicants who should be invited to the next recruiting stage is provided.

The benefits for the company are reduced costs, faster applicant processing, reduction of potential recruiting bias and greater consistency of selection.

Our system is successfully being applied in Management Consultant sourcing by our sister company WhoKnowsAbout.

We would now like to work with a few companies to extend the application to general recruiting. If you would like to gain early access to this technology, please contact us.

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